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Biggest Mistake Home Sellers Make in St. Joseph – Advice from a Berrien County Realtor

One of the biggest mistakes that home sellers and their agents make is to put their home on the market and list it on the MLS before the property is ready. Often, sellers and agents are anxious to get their homes on the market, but it’s worth your time to make sure that it’s ready for potential buyers to see it.

Taking Care of Necessary Work

A lot of times, I walk into a property that’s on the sales market and I see a little card on the counter that says the carpeting is to be replaced next week or the cleaning will be finished next week or maybe there’s an offer of $2,000 in a carpet allowance or a note that the wallpaper will eventually be removed. Something is always telling buyers that these things are going to happen in the future. It’s better to have these things already done.

Buyers and Emotional Connections

You want to think about this from a buyer’s perspective. When a buyer goes into the home, the first 30 seconds will give them an emotional connection or it won’t. Make sure all of these things are done so the buyer has a chance to establish that emotional connection. Clean the carpet or replace it. Remove the wallpaper. These things are not as expensive as many people think. If you do these things before buyers walk in, they will have an immediate emotional connection, which is critical to getting your home sold. Remember that your competition is stiff. If you are saying things will be done instead of doing them, you’re creating barriers between the buyer and the connection.

Preparation Saves Time and Money

You also need to remember that buyers are getting emails about new listings all the time. The buyers will go to your home and immediately decide if they like it or not. If you don’t make sure they like it, they’ll move on to another property. You’ll get a lot of showings and market time behind you. This will create some frustratioBiggest Mistake Home Sellers Make in St. Joseph – Advice from a Berrien County Realtorn and cost you money. You’ll eventually go back and do the things you should have done in the beginning, or you’ll have to settle for a low price. Take the time to get your home ready for the market.

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